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Southen-on-Sea Central Heating Installation and Repair

Central heating keeps our homes warm in the colder months. Older properties were not built with central heating, they used wood or fuel-burning fires in each room to keep the cold at bay, but since the 1930s the more modern and safe systems that we know today were widely introduced. Most common central heating systems work by heating water that is then pumped around the home through a network of pipes to the radiators.

A system, therefore, is made up of water supply, boiler, pump and radiators with thermostats controlling the temperature. With this number of components, there is the potential for one part of the system to fail or stop working with the others. Over several years, a system may have been changed, added to and tweaked and never been looked at as a whole system. We can offer a full central heating check to ensure everything is working together as it should.


Our Trained Engineers

With more than 10 years of experience in the trade, we have a working knowledge of a wide range of central heating systems in Essex. Our engineers go through an extensive training programme so they are knowledgeable about every part of a system. To complete a thorough check, each section is tested and examined to ensure everything is working safely and efficiently. We can offer advice and suggest solutions to any problems you have with your central heating so you have exactly what you need in your home.

Changing Your Central Heating System?

If you are refurbing an older property or changing the configuration of your home, you may need some alterations to your heating. Additional radiators or the relocation of pipework might cause issues to the system as a whole without comprehensive advice, so ask us to carry out a survey of your home.

It is possible to change parts of your system without too much work. Perhaps you want different radiators – there are lots of different looks available these days. You could have a different style of thermostat or timer to make your life easier and help keep utility bills down. With our assessment of your central heating, we can suggest what is possible and what will help you achieve what you want.

If you are having a replacement boiler fitted, it might be the time to look at your central heating system as a whole. Swapping from a regular boiler to a combi boiler, for example, might allow you to do other adjustments at the same time.