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Power Flushing and Magna Cleanse in Essex

Save Money on Your Energy Bills With a Professional MagnaCleanse Flush

As radiators and central heating systems age, they gradually gain a build-up of sludge and rust on the inside. As a result, your heating system might not be working efficiently and you may be using more gas every time it’s turned on. A power flush might be the solution - it's simple to carry out if done by a professional plumber.


A power flush cleans the system on the inside so that the hot water flows more freely around the pipework. Using specialist cleaning solutions that are pumped through the system, the sludge is flushed away. Ask us about power flushing your radiators and what costs are involved. We will give you a competitive quote that is fixed so there are no surprises. An appointment for the work can be made at a time that is convenient for you.

To remove the rust – or oxidation – using the Magna Cleanse method, a magnetised agitator is temporarily put inside each radiator for a few minutes. The magnet attracts the rust which is then removed and disposed of. Along with a Magna Cleanse, a special magnetised filter is fitted to the central heating system to continue the cleaning action. This method is gaining popularity as the word is spread about the benefits.

If you notice cold spots on your radiators, it could be that the hot water is not able to flow freely inside. This will leave areas that do not heat up. Sometimes you will also hear noises in the pipework as the water struggles to circulate. You can also tell if the rooms in your home do not feel as warm as they used to. On occasion, these problems can mean that your radiators will break down and fail to work at all. Let us check any problems you have with your heating so we can let you know if a power flush will help. We cover Southend and the surrounding areas of Essex.

With the inside of your central heating pipework clean and clear of rust and deposits, the water can flow through them freely and easily. Radiators will heat up in an even spread, and they will get hot a lot more quickly. A power flush will also help guard against boiler break downs and failures that will cost you money to repair. You will lengthen the life of the whole system by maintaining it. Of course, with everything working much more efficiently, you will save a small amount of money each year.

As it is important that we all do our bit for the environment, and using a less gas every time you turn the heating will help reduce your carbon footprint. Let’s see if a central heating power flush will benefit your property and save you some cash.