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The toilet is possibly the most used item in the house but we hardly give it a second thought. We take it for granted until it stops working properly. Although they are usually reliable, they do break or fail from time to time. For professional toilet repairs, give us a call and we will be able to fix the problem quickly and properly.

For a new toilet installation, there are a few things to consider. To simply replace an older toilet in the same position as the old one, the job isn’t too complex. The soil pipe would need to be inspected for any vulnerable areas and the water pressure checked, but we can install a new toilet without too much disruption. For more complicated installations, such as moving the location of the toilet, or putting one in from scratch, we can give you a quote and let you know what work will be required. There is always a solution to every problem, and this is where our 10 years’ of experience comes into its own. With an in-depth knowledge of plumbing and the different products that are available, we can give you a competitive quote to fit your new toilet in a way you will be happy with.


Common Problems With Toilets

A toilet can need repairing for a number of reasons. It’s not always easy to tell exactly why a toilet isn’t working correctly, but with our experience and knowledge, we can usually get to the bottom of the problem quickly. Some of the problems you come across with a faulty toilet are:

  • The toilet keeps running
  • The cistern isn’t filling with water
  • The toilet is leaking
  • There isn’t enough water for a proper flush

Our Trained Engineers

If your toilet is running continuously, you will be wasting a lot of water. As most houses and businesses pay for every litre of water, this can mean your bills will be a lot higher than usual. Save yourself the money and the stress of fixing the cistern, and call in a professional plumber who can replace your toilet valves and make the flush work as it should.

When a toilet doesn’t flush properly, or its doesn’t complete a full flush, it can cause problems such as blocking the soil pipe as there isn’t enough water or pressure to push all the waste through. We can fix the flush before it creates more issues and you have a sewage problem to address.

We repair and install toilets in Southend, Westcliff on Sea, Rayleigh and Leigh on Sea.